July 25, 2024

American Auto: Lets talk about that amazing Kevin Costner coincidence and Ryan Reynolds

The producers over there at American Auto had to watch the news come down about Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone (story HERE) and just had to be in awe that this week’s already excellent episode starring another Hollywood A-lister had just become topical.

Because “Celebrity” began with Costner leaving as the spokesperson of Payne Motors after his ranch had been part of the company’s fires. Even the excuse is John Dutton-esque.

This was a great show though. American Auto has completely leveled up so far this season.

We had Ryan freakin’ Reynolds also appearing on the show, after Andy Richter opened the door to letting his friend steal his slot replacing Costner as the company’s spokesperson. While Reynolds was only featured briefly, Richter did his usual geat stuff here.

Some other notes..

It was actually Whitney Houston’s sister who hired the hitman in “The Bodyguard”. The stalker was a nobody.

I looked at the whiteboard behind Sadie during the first meeting. Reese WitherSpork and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot jumped out at me as potential Payne Spokespersons.

The whole sequence with gifting Richter the sports car was great. As was walking in on Gary with Dori telling Jack “That’s just the game”.

Dale (Matthew Moy) is a good character. Maybe bring him back.

It’s not hyperbole to say that “American Auto” is the funniest show on NBC right now. The writing. The acting. The entire flow of the program is just hitting in all ways right now. And the humor is so strong right now it almost feels like a cable show. They’re edgy.

See you next time.

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