American Auto: “You were born after the Seinfeld finale!”

One of the best things that “American Auto” has done during its run is highlight real life business controversies and putting them under a microscope for all to see, often in its most raw and ridiculous form.

This week had to deal with corporate political donations. Payne Motors in particular has given donations to politicians that opposed a woman’s right to choose. This led to an open letter, committees and census sessions, handled in the signature Payne Motors fashion.

It was a *bleeping* mess. It was real and it was also really funny.

Everybody *bleeped* up everything.

And the show roasted everyone. No one was spared.

Of course, we had a tone death Katherine, who offered to tip the employee informing her of their letter. She also broke Sadie’s nose during an outburst at a meeting in the most laugh out loud moment of the show. Ana Gasteyer had several memorable lines, including the title of this post and calling the idea of god “far fetched”.

There was the women’s committee meeting that was composed entirely of men. That really happens in Washington. The guys would of course muck that up.

And then there was the entire glorious final meeting where it all just burned the ground. We had a debate between La Quinta and La Quinta suites. We discovered that someone voted for Kanye and that one of the protesters was an R Kelly fan highlighting the hippocracies we often see with demonstrations like these.

We even had Dori invoke the Michael Jackson “Remember the time” dance, which is comedic writing in its rarest and mightiest 90s form.

Great show. Just an excellent time.

See you next time!

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