American Auto: Best current NBC comedy has demonstrated it deserves third season

American Auto aired its second season finale this week, as the team from Payne Motors tried to save their jobs by keeping their stock prices above the prescribed threshold.

Yeah, we’re going to briefly talk about the episode, but with no renewal news yet we have to talk about the future too.

Katherine and the gang started out on a financial talker trying to talk up the Pika, and things were looking great, until a typhoon shut down Chinese ports sending the market into a free fall.

From there the group broke off into pods (where they’ve done really well this year) and tried to stage a fake Warren Buffet interview, influence a stock analyst who had just gotten out of surgery, and even hold a photo shoot for their seemingly doomed CEO.

And then a fake rumor of Katherine Hastings’ departure from the company, and a soaring success of Pika pre orders, catapulted the stock price to the goal and had us cheering for a line chart. Katherine declared a new era of success for Payne Motors as the season concluded.

It was once again a finale that could be both a season or series ender. And let’s talk about renewal.

NBC needs to give American Auto more time. Its the best comedy they have on right now. Night Court and Lopez vs. Lopez are hit and miss. Grand Crew is really funny but its not going to find an audience in the Friday night TV desert. If we had a “Must See TV” comedic payload, we could consider letting the show conclude but in many ways the show’s real journey parallels Katherine’s. They’ve both earned more time.

Every episode was solid and a couple were great. Its also not just an Ana Gasteyer effort anymore. Michael Benjamin Washington and Harriet Dyer (with some great physical comedy) were my MVPs this season.

But the whole cast is strong. Don’t cancel a show that keeps improving and is the best comedy you have right now.

I’ll hopefully see you next time.

If you’ve enjoyed American Auto with me this season, please donate a dollar below. And thanks for taking the journey with me.

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