Succession: It sure looked like Roman tried to recruit Kerry during her meltdown

As we continue to break down this incredible final season of Succession, I want to talk about one of the most uncomfortable scenes in the last episode. Kerry’s meltdown in front of Marcia while trying to get her things from Logan’s place.

We see her approach the stairs where Marcia is waiting, begging to go up and get her stuff. Marcia, in one of the coldest demonstrations of power you’ll see on television all year, denies her, brings her things down in a bag, and sends her out the back door.

But out of all of the people in that house, it’s Roman that comes to her aid after she spills her things.

We see him emerge from the back room where the discussions are taking place, and he begins to console her.

He asks for her private number (???).

And then quietly defends her in front of Marcia.

It’s late and it’s a stretch, but could Kerry end up helping Roman?

The reason I ask is because Roman’s intervention there was just so out of place. We know that if you make Roman feel bad enough, he will eventually chill, but this felt like something more.

Zoe Winters, who’s done such a great job this year playing Kerry, has done some interviews and didn’t directly answer that interaction. We know that Roman was critical of Kerry (and his dad’s nipples) earlier this season, but he’s also no fool. He knows that she could help him.

Then there are the “House of the Dragon” ish rumors of Kerry being pregnant with Logan’s kid. The show already has one big pregnancy, I’m not sure the bandwidth is there for another.

But this needed to be flagged. It just felt so out of place.

See you next time.

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