Grey’s Anatomy: Lexie Grey return allows long suffering fans some relief

Don’t care what you tell me. There ain’t no group of loyal TV fans that suffer as much as Grey’s Anatomy fans. It’s been going on for almost 17 years and they’ve been subject to everything from explosives to the damn Coronavirus.

I stopped watching on a regular basis after the poorly handled death of Derek Shepherd, which they kind of fixed (story HERE). Having Meredith lose the love of her life like that was wrong. Luckily Patrick Dempsey came back this season in a “dream” sequence.

But the show took a step down in quality before that following the death of Lexie Grey. Or “Little Grey” played by Chyler Leigh. And losing Marc Sloane a short time later also didn’t help.

It looks like Grey’s is finally prepared to make us feel a little better on that front as well.

Oh, Grey’s is still taking it’s pound of flesh with the death of it’s characters. But it’s very aware of the times it’s messed up.

And it’s trying to take a step back to good with this appearance that was demanded by fans, on a program that still tops the trends every time it’s on.

Then there is the business of TV here. These returns will make sure that the viewers they lost along the way will check back in. It’s worked with me.

And maybe they could win just a few of us back. Even though they never really lost us if we still care this much .

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