Dexter New Blood: Action packed escape episode gives us what we want (Spoilers)

Warning!!! The following contains spoilers to the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood.

Dexter: New Blood, has been a slow build that has been setting up all of the pieces to the potential conclusion that would finally give all of the mythology’s fans some closure. But the latest episode finally gave us an action packed hour that appears to be going in an exciting direction to a finsih.

How did that Harrison dream sequence make you feel? I’m sure a lot of you had mixed feelings watching our “hero’s” baby boy take a straight blade to his attackers after being ambushed. Dexter had a passive smile while passed out in his captive’s truck but a look of concern watching everything happen in front of him in what looked like a spirit form.

But let’s cut to the chase with Dexter offing his attacker and rushing to save Harrison from Kurt’s kill shack.

Honestly, I wanted Dexter to floor that truck and run Kurt right over, but that’s not what we got. Instead, we got a touching reunion between father and son with a preview of Dexter finally letting Harrison into his world with a dark passenger.

Kurt is still out there and the previews for next week are putting him in that villain role of being out in the open during all of this madness. This complicates things but also builds on the suspense that has been kind of light these last couple of weeks. Clancy Brown is still rocking his role as the villain.

It’s anybody’s guess over how this ends. It looks like Harrison is being set up to carry on the story if need be. Followers of the show are split over how Dexter should meet his end.

We’ve only got two episodes left to find out.

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