Hawkeye finale: How the world got Jack Duquesne wrong (Spoilers)

Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the Hawkeye season finale on Disney Plus!

You’re going to read a thousand articles about the superb Hawkeye finale on Disney Plus today. And you should, it was an awesome lead-in to the Christmas holidays with an “OG” Avenger.

But I’m on Jack Duquesne duty today. Mostly about how we all got his character in Hawkeye wrong.

Kate Bishop’s would-be stepdad, “Swordsman” to the fans, was framed as the “big bad” all the way until the end of the last episode when we finally got Kingpin. And sure enough during the big action sequence set against a New York Christmas, Jack with his fancy sword in hand was battling right along side Kate, Clint, and all of the other larpers out there. They even left his story open-ended.

Tony Dalton did a great job playing him and I enjoyed his arc.

Forgive us over how wrong we were. The framing was prevalent. He was suspicious from the jump. There was that shady auction where he got the Ronin sword. There was the duel with Kate (that he won). There was the episode 3 cliff-hanger where he had that sword to Clint’s throat. All of the signs were there. All the way until they weren’t. Instead, it was Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mom who was holding the bag when it was all over and sent to the slammer.

Farewell to Hawkeye for now. It was a feel-good, Christmas sprited ride with a forgiving message. Everybody acted their tails off and it ends what was another banner year for Marvel.

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