Movie Review: “Don’t Look Up” is an astonishing waste of time and talent

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, in an end of the world dramedy being directed by Adam McKay? Sign me up. Sign me up every single time. That’s what we have with “Don’t Look Up”. Unfortunately, what should have been a remarkable movie is instead an unfunny and ineffective attempt at a statement.

When Dr. Randall Minday (DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence) discover a world killing asteroid is going to destroy earth in 6 months, they sound the alarm. Sadly for mankind, they just can’t seem to get out its own way. And every aspect of the disaster from tabloid media to self serving politicians start to sabotage efforts to save humanity.

McKay’s signature self aware delivery of filmmaking just doesn’t make the same impact with such a poorly crafted story filled with a cast of superstars all playing jerks. There is no one to root for here and what should be funny and eye-opening experience just ends up being really annoying, and it tanks the movie.

“Don’t Look Up” in trying to make us hate our self absorbed culture makes us dislike the movie in the process.

The sheer star power does keep it from being a total failure. Everybody showed up to work here. The movie also looks good.

But it’s no good. And boy, what should have been an enjoyable Christmas present turns out to be a disappointed pair of socks of a film.

Don’t Look Up



Running Time: 2 hour 16 minutes

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