July 25, 2024

Dexter New Blood: Trailer for the finale says a lot and it’s not good

Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood!!

We’ll talk about the latest episode soon. But we need to talk about that trailer for the finale of Dexter: New Blood.

It looks like they catch him.

The frame from the trailer looks like they’re taking mugshots of Dexter. This could be the end of everything.

Or it could simply be a dream.

There are fans that believe only Dexter meeting justice would be the proper end to his story. What do you think?

The writers have provided us an opening for a Dexter spin-off with Harrison. “Dexter: The College Years” anyone???.

Only one episode left.

Let’s talk about this episode.

The debate between Dexter and Deb over the education of Harrison was wild. Ultimately Dexter told him everything.

The boys got Kurt on the table. Honestly, I thought he’d put up more of a fight. But Clancy Brown did a terrific job playing him anyways. He was a monster. That chamber was horrifying.

And I can’t believe Kurt killed Jamie Chung’s Merry Effing Kill Podcaster. When Dexter saved her the first time, I thought she’d be okay. Just goes to show that with Dexter we can never be sure until the credits roll.

One episode left. I’m going to write about this more in depth later this week but I honestly think we’re heading towards Harrison spin off territory. He’ll take on the Dark Passenger and Dexter will probably guide him.

Best episode of the season!

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