June 23, 2024

Station Eleven: Finale is anti-climatic but that’s what ultimately made it satisfying (Spoilers)

Warning! The following contains spoilers to the Station 11 Finale

Station Eleven aired it’s finale on HBO Max today, and it went against everything we know as an adrenaline fueled audience that lives off of the highs and lows of shock TV. We’re always ready to have our hearts ripped out, especially on HBO (looking at you Game of Thrones).

Not that Station Eleven didn’t pull from those wells earlier in it’s run. We had land mines and throwing knives at one point.

But when all of the pieces on the chess board were set up for Kirsten and the Symphony to rise up against Clarke and his museum society, it played out exactly like it had to. During a play. With Tyler confronting Clarke and going through Hamlet therapy with his mother.

And it was serendipity that ultimately closed the arcs of each of the characters, and not conflict. Even the pandemic that caused this whole entire story was an after thought.

I was tempted to slam the show when it was about half way done but then I had an epiphany of my own. This was the right way to settle the story. Not with a final battle that we get with every other show. This wasn’t Mad Max we were watching and there were no big villains to be seen. The right decisions were made.

And let’s be real. We got our Kirsten and Jeevan reunion that we were waiting for. And even that was handled in a fashion that was loving but still very leveled.

A lot of my friends loved this show. I enjoyed it. I’ll recommend it.

But what I’ll probably remember the most was that it made the decision to tell the story the right way and not the easy way.

And that’s a good thing.

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