July 13, 2024

Dexter New Blood Finale: Game of Thrones bad? Some fans think so

As we continue searching through the social media wreckage that was the Dexter: New Blood finale, we begin exploring how bad it actually was in comparison to other unpopular finales of beloved cable drama programs.

In two small Twitter polls that received about 25 votes each, The Dexter: New Blood finale defeated other shows that had controversial endings like “The Sopranos” and “Lost”.

It also beat “Game of Thrones”. Twice. By margins of 8% and 16%.

One mark against our favorite killer of serial killers is that this series appears to have done it twice.

I wrote last night about how difficult the finale must have been to write (post HERE). Maybe there wasn’t a right answer for Dexter.

For Game of Thrones, show runners had some options that could have save them a lot of headaches. Instead, they over thought it, and produced a final season that many fans wish never existed.

Daenerys torching King’s Landing. Dexter killing Logan. They both went against type (even though writers did make it a possibility). And it was down hill for the fans all the way until the final credits.

We should let the wounds heal. I would bet that in six months, the anger might fade a bit and Game of Thrones might actually win this same poll.

But the fact that we’re even having this discussion about Dexter is a tragedy to begin with.

What do you think? Is the Dexter New Blood Finale as bad as the final stretch of Game of Thrones?

Check out my video on the subject below as well as some tweets from upset Dexter viewers.

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