July 24, 2024

Night Court: Cheers for season 2 renewal, but real success is TLC on launch

It looks like Judge Abby Stone will be holding court for at least another season, with Night Court getting an early renewal from NBC. Congratulations to Melissa Rauch and the rest of the team that made it possible.

While the show still has some bugs to work out as far as laughs, everyone in television should study the steps that Rauch and NBC took for the show to be this successful. This was no sure thing. Not at all. I can point to two dozen other failed reboots (and more) that tried to do this and failed miserably.

Getting John Larroquette to full commit to promoting the show was so important. Night Court is loved. It needed an original cast member to stand beside the product for it to fly. There was no other way.

The show also paid attention to the details. The court room still looks the same (I wish they would spend more time there). So does the Judge’s chambers. We need familiarity.

And kudos to NBC for showcasing it on a strong night and promoting it to the moon with a one hour premiere. It was actually trending online. Do you know how unusual it is for a free prime time comedy to trend on Twitter? Night Court did just that.

We also have to look at the care that NBC gave Quantum Leap story HERE. It treats reboots with reverence. And ‘Leap’ didn’t have an original cast member like Night Court, and is also getting a second season.

Great work. Now just give us Marsha Warfield and Brent Spiner and we’ll be ready each week, when court is in session.

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