Trending: Queen Elizabeth is not dead, but Twitter salutes their respective “Queen”

No, Queen Elizabeth is not dead as of 2/22/22 at 6PM est.

But the fake internet rumor many pointing at actor Jason Lee for being responsible for, did give Twitter a chance to salute their favorite celebrities as they designated them their “queen”

Here is the word cloud which was formed tallying the votes involved.

Zendaya, remains the queen of Twitter. You can watch “Euphoria” on Sundays and figure that out.

Beyonce was another popular pick, as was Taylor Swift, as they also received multiple votes.

The most bizarre pick? Tom Wambsgans, the notorious husband of Shiv from “Succession”.

Others to get votes on Twitter?

Nicki Minaj
Janet Jackson
Dua Lipa
Cardi B
Elizabeth Olsen
Angelina Jolie
Lady Gaga
Ariana Grande
Maddy Perez from Euphoria
Lexi Howard from Euphoria
And Queen Padme from Star Wars.

the queen is dead but kristen stewart is still standing

— l❤️‍🩹 (@Iucyswift) February 22, 2022

everybody asking if the queen is dead…. no beyoncé is still alive and well !

— ً (@liyahsmerder) February 22, 2022

“The queen is dead” no she’s not, sonka is still alive

— sharky🦈 (@sharktreess) February 22, 2022

the queen dead but harley quinn is right here perfectly fine??? wdym

— oli (@harIeyquinnism) February 22, 2022

The Queen is NOT dead! Everyone relax, Emma Roberts is fine.

— Cralli (@CraigHampton123) February 22, 2022

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