July 25, 2024

Peacemaker: Classroom show and tell and “My Favorite Monster”

Warning: the following contains spoilers regarding the latest episode of Peacmaker on HBO Max!

That was a wild episode. I’ll tell you that.

The latest episode of Peacemaker kicked off with our hero giving a classroom “show and tell” in what was probably the funniest sequence of the show so far. He insulted each of the kids when answering their questions, as well as the other DC Superheroes he was asked about.

As far as the actual plot, Harcourt already knew Murn was a Butterfly and so did other members of the team, which meant Adebayo was just fine.

The rest of the episode was just bad. In every way.

Goff (the evil butterfly) took over Detective Sophie Song’s body (Annie Chang) and she welcomed a new invasion of butterflies to the town which took over the bodies of every police officer and prisoner available. They’re now leading the charge to capture Peacemaker.

That montage featuring “Monster” from Reckless Love was masterfully done.

We also had White Supremacist Dad, Auggie, rally all of his Klansman and they look like they’re also getting ready for some kind of offensive.

So, it’s bad all around.

The show is still a terrific watch. I laughed out loud at Vigilante’s “Barbie Girl” ringtone and the entire classroom scene. I’m also completely enjoying any sequence with Eagly. Yeah, he’s CGI but he’s real to me. Keep your Baby Yoda. I’ll take the bird.

Only two episodes left. How’s it all going to play out?

Remember the fan theory that the Butterflies have already won and that’s where our beloved opening credits come from (story HERE). There are also some hoping for another Suicide Squad intervention.

Should be fun to watch.

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