The wrestling “dirt sheets” keep sinking lower by reporting wrestler “likes”

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know why wrestling “journalists” shouldn’t be trusted.

They often make things up.

They abuse the right to protect sources that don’t exist.

They’re wrong over half of the time.

And their recent trend is among the worst.

That would be reading into social media “likes”.

If a wrestler likes something on social media, they’ll exaggerate what it means to lead you, the readers, into thinking its something its really not.

If it happens to be true by blind luck, they’ll take credit for it.

If it’s not, then they’ll downplay it or pretend like they never wrote it all.

It’s a big problem with the internet wrestling community.

The best thing that can happen is for the wrestlers to call out these fakes in front of everybody.

Richochet has done it.

Naomi has done it.

And so have others.

But the dirt sheets won’t stop putting the lies out there. After all, many of them are making decent money by publishing these lies and exaggerations.

The best source is still the wrestlers themselves. It’s still WWE or AEW directly.

If it’s an outside source, it’s usually ESPN. The major stuff always finds its way up there if its true.

There is a reason why trustworthy news outlets still rely on ethics. This is because they know that people will often believe most of the things they read online.

The wrestling blogs and dirtsheets being pushed out by these wannabe “Journalists” are just taking advantage of you. Hold them accountable.

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