July 15, 2024

Pivoting: A dead friend’s phone number and a herpes check

Amy, Jodie, and Sarah were back tonight as they try to work past their challenges following the death of Colleen, and Pivoting once again did not disappoint.

Amy had to discover a new way to vent to her departed dear friend after her old cellphone number was finally given away. While Sarah had to continue to navigate her relationship with her younger girlfriend. And yes, more drama with Jodie and her personal trainer.

Although it’s hard to blame her after her husband started watching adult films with her and then had to go to the bathroom (yikes). Jodie would end up hooking up with the trainer anyways, which she later described as “Like the Time Traveler’s Wife”. She later insisted on an immediate herpes check as a child’s birthday party.

In her mission to get Colleens number back, Amy showed off her soccer skills while crushing the romantic dreams of a high schooler. So par for the course for her. Her husband would win the day by scaring that same high schooler into giving said number back. It was my favorite angle of the show.

And yes, Sarah trashed her relationship, after her lover accused her of playing games “in her 40s”. Ouch.

“Pivoting” has been a fun build. This is an underdog program. I started blogging about it because we need a show like this on free TV, and underneath it all, its about friends coping with the loss of someone they loved.

Eliza Coupe, and two favorites of mine, Ginnifer Goodwin and Maggie Q are great in this. It’s worth a look. Check it out.

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