Peacemaker finale: No, the Butterflies were still really wrong at the end

Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the latest episode of Peacemaker!

The first season of Peacemaker wrapped up today, it was excellent, and I”m happy John Cena, James Gunn, and the rest of the guys are getting a second season. They deserve it (my finale review HERE).

But lets talk more in-depth about a pivotal moment in the finale.

Mostly when Sophie Song controlled by Goff the Butterfly (played wonderfully by Annie Chang) finally let us in on the whole mission of the Butterflies. Essentially they wanted to save earth by preventing us from their mistakes of wasting resources. Chang and John Cena acted it so well, we really thought there might be a truce.

Except thankfully, it was rejected.

It’s not the place for another species to come to earth and tell us how we should live. They fly down here, jump in our mouths (I didn’t see anyone survive that), and take over our bodies.

How is that any different than say, the Borg from Star Trek?

There will be some out there that thinks that makes sense. Like that loser, Judo Master. But they would be wrong.

This was a nicely worded invasion. Nothing more.

And don’t get this twisted. This post is not a complaint. It’s a compliment. It built some suspense and I’m happy at how everything worked out. It was also accurate for that first assault to have failed. It was 3 on a 100.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. I’m going to miss Peacemaker and can’t wait til it gets back.

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