July 24, 2024

Euphoria: Would they kill Fez? Absolutely possible he could die

Ladies and Gentleman, HBO.

The premium network with arguably the greatest catalog in the history of television. Almost all of their shows are good. Many of them are excellent. And a few of them are the greatest of all time.

Right now, Euphoria has the HBO spotlight and the show stands at a crossroads with the possible death of a fan favorite during this Sunday’s finale. Fezco or “Fez” is preparing to face some kind of attack in his apartment, as he prepares to go out to Lexi’s play looking his absolute best. The previews don’t look like he’s going to make it to the show.

Would HBO kill Fez? Would they crush the hearts of one of the most vocal fan bases on television?

Heck yeah they would. They DGAF.

They killed Omar.

They probably killed Tony Soprano.

They killed everyone at the Red Wedding in the most brutal fashion possible.

Pshh. They will kill Fez. Light a cigarette. And watch the madness unfold on Twitter. And then brag about it on Monday morning to everyone they find, while watching their streaming subscriptions increase.

It’s not TV. It’s HBO.

But perhaps that’s why we keep coming back. Unlike the other shows, this program focuses on struggling and suffering. And we do get victories from time to time. It’s all done so beautifully by show runners.

This is the season finale. Who knows when the next season will arrive? Not only could everyone get their hearts crushed this weekend but they might have to wait over a year for closure.

But we’ll be there anyways. Prepared to be emotionally destroyed.

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