July 24, 2024

Euphoria: Fans complain of HBO Max outages during highly anticipated finale

The season 2 finale of Euphoria aired on Sunday night on HBO and was arguably the most anticipated episode of television so far this year, and a send off of this fan favorite for an indefinite period of time.

Some fans were complaining that HBO Max wasn’t working, making the strain behind a high tension finale which left us on a cliff hanger last week, even worse.


— Frosty (@FrostFlame726) February 28, 2022

WHY IS HBO MAX DOWN #euphoria pic.twitter.com/wg6TRMvdlt

— brendan (@ALLENUSSY) February 28, 2022

HBO max headquarters rn #Euphoria pic.twitter.com/A9TUgxfgkd

— noelle (@noellemalkamaki) February 28, 2022

NAH WHY TF DID YALL CRASH HBO MAX. #EuphoriaHBOMax #EuphoriaDay pic.twitter.com/8b4SltCL7T

— willow (@microsaliva) February 28, 2022

Hbo better fix they shit come on like I WAITED ALL DAY#EuphoriaHBOMax #HBOMax pic.twitter.com/pvi3TTWsEM

— Crow 🔞🥃 (@lewdcorn18) February 28, 2022

me pretending not to care about hbo max crashing so it will come back up faster pic.twitter.com/DavMGDD2ZL

— #thisisacrisis (@simplendirty) February 28, 2022

I hope y’all bitches ain’t crash HBO max again w euphoria pic.twitter.com/zw9MTadnyq

— Tosh (@tosh__hi) February 28, 2022

we are 6 minutes in & HBO Max still ain’t working!? LET US IN! #Euphoria pic.twitter.com/w3eUAwkwc2

— Definitely not Mannie (@imjustmannie) February 28, 2022

not HBO MAX going down before Maddie v. Cassie #Euphoria pic.twitter.com/dLqHFZvpqs

— annalise keating’s publicist™️ (@yeetbeete) February 28, 2022

Y’all better stop playin with me. Fuck you HBO MAX. Lemme j watch my euphoria in peace pic.twitter.com/uHTHJxnMeI

— karman (@n0xyzl) February 28, 2022

HBO IS DOWN BYE #HBOMax pic.twitter.com/hj47N7K00C

— daniela 🪱 (@1danielasilvaa) February 28, 2022

Did y’all fucking break hbo max #Euphoria pic.twitter.com/sRrEh0dhn3

— on the Neurodivergent highway to hell (@abeliana4eva) February 28, 2022

My streaming experience on HBO Max was fine during the broadcast. The service has dealt with high traffic events before such as the final season of Game Of Thrones, where popular demand was almost unprecedented every week.

How was your experience. Did you have any problems?

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