July 13, 2024

Euphoria: Final fan feedback data from season 2 finale give us pain and joy

The dust has settled. The tears have been cried. The objects have been thrown at the television. The season two finale of Euphoria is in the books. And fans of the most social media dominant show on TV (whenever it’s on), had a lot to say.

After looking at approximately 500 comments on Twitter, Facebook, earned media, and personal blogs. Here is what you can take away.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

– Fans were generally happy with the finale with over 90% of feedback demonstrating either content with the episode or elevated interest (Sentiment is important here. Fans upset with the events taking place aren’t necessarily unhappy with the product. I.E character deaths).

– The biggest event of the show online was the death of Ashtray or “Ash”. Fans were both saddened and disappointed to see the fan favorite killed off.

– Cassie rushing the stage during the play was the most talked about segment following that tragic scene in the apartment. Maddy also got a lot of positive buzz for following her on stage and slapping the heck out of her.

– Faye was the surprise trend of the night. Fans were certain she was going to turn on Fez and Ashtray and instead helped them take down Custer.

– Director Sam Levinson caught grief online from fans, in a good way. It wasn’t over the value of the product so much as the death of Ash. At one point he was trending. This should be interpreted as positive. It often happens when Shonda Rhimes kills somebody on Grey’s Anatomy, or when a major character died on Game of Thrones.

– One angle that didn’t get as much buzz was Nate turning in his dad. Not a lot of traffic on that one despite first class acting work.

– Early on in the program, fans were also complaining about HBO Max outages. Not content related but relevant to the experience.

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