Joe Millionaire: “Bro Millionaire” and a cliffhanger twist to end

We continued our journey on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer tonight, with Kurt and Steven introducing the remaining cast to their parents, after the opposite last week.

Kurt went first taking the ladies to a construction site, and showing them the ropes of his trade. Then it was time to meet Colleen, our bachelor’s mother, and his dad, Eric. Amber hit it off really well with his dad, as did Calah with his mom. Carolyn? Not so much. Which is a challenge because this is who he’s been closest with up to this point. Ultimately, they like Calah and Amanda the most.

Meanwhile, Steven headed to the McBee Compoud to catch up with the family on the farm. And his family brought out the Rolex watches. A problem if you’re trying to hide your wealth. When the ladies arrived, Steven made a big entrance on his tractor. And there were baby animals and shotgunning beers which is always good TV. Steven senior took the lead talking to the ladies and came off very warm. Whitney and Amber got the high marks from the McBee group, but they really enjoyed the entire group.

When everyone finally got back to Lakeshore Manor, it was time to say goodbye to someone and they sent home….

No one. Instead, the ladies had to finally choose from the two guys, setting up a cliffhanger moving into next week.

A fun twist to send things off.

See you next week!

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