July 15, 2024

East New York: “Missing” episode uses show’s underused strong parts

We’re back this week with a new East New York, and we catch up with Regina moving a homeless camp out of the way for developers, while the politicians exaggerate availability of housing.

This is actually happening all over the country and certainly in Orlando, where this blog was published and there is no affordable housing.

Then Sandeford spotted an old flame giving out food and we actually get some Chief Suarez in the open. Jimmy Smits has been underused so far.

And Suarez got caught up in some controversy breaking up a domestic dispute on the street. While a boy went missing at the camp and a homeless veteran picked up the phone giving our team their first clue.

Then Andre and Sandeford got a reporter to lie to hand over footage that could lead to the boy being found. It paid off though, they discovered that the boy wandered off with an acquaintance.

We learned that the suspect named Henry had special needs and the parents had a hard time believing he was responsible. Killian discovered another suspect that he needed to bring in that worked at the pantry.

Sandeford had to revisit with his ex at the pantry and the suspect, Lloyd, decided to run. But he wasn’t the guy despite his troubling history with children and said the boy could be with someone else like him. Ultimately, he had to get let go too.

But then the homeless veteran who found the phone came back and was holding information he finally shared. And they ultimately found that a train yard mechanic “The Motorman” could be responsible. They made it to the train yard and was able to save the missing boy. The reunion with his parents was actually a pretty good payoff.

Then Suarez had the chance to clear his name against the viral video. In an unneeded extra arc, Quinlan was able to keep it together in court overcoming some past personal problems in doing so.

Not a bad episode. When they use all of its parts like Smits, Richard Kind and Kevin Rankin, the show gets better. Lets hope this trend continues.

And I saw you, Luna Lauren Velez, from Dexter. Great guest appearance.

See you next week.

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