July 24, 2024

Pam and Tommy: Fighting Jay Leno and Barb Wire

Pam and Tommy was back this week with a new episode on Hulu, and the show continues to both entertain and infuriate at the same time.

Rand (Seth Rogen) made his return tonight and was in the hole for $50K to a loan shark, while his partner (played by Nick Offerman) parties in the Netherlands. While Rand continues to get what’s coming to him and he’s an essential mechanism of this show, I didn’t miss him.

Shortly after, Tommy Lee confronts Rand and lights his ransom money on fire. Great scene from Sebastian Stan here.

But Lily James as Pam continues to be the MVP of “Pam and Tommy”. Her appearance on the Tonight Show, was well done and then there was the scene where she finds out that her case against Penthouse has been thrown out. This is acting worthy of awards consideration.

The scenes at the Barb Wire media tour and the premiere for her 90s cult film were also well done.

“That was the second best movie she’s been in all year” was a painful pull from a critic there. Ouch.

Then there was sneaking into a mostly empty theater to get the fan reaction, and they were also laughing at her performance there. Just painful.

I’m enjoying the show. It’s only gone up since the premiere and while we’ve got some “Rand lag”, I don’t feel like it’s subtracted enough from the experience to hurt the show.

90’s Highlight: The Fugees poster at the bus stop advertising “The Score”. Beautiful.

I’ll see you next week!

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