South Park: Show takes on Airsoft and teenaged angst

South Park was back tonight, and of all the hobbies, games, and movies they’ve tackled over the last 25 years, we’ve never gotten an airsoft episode. And many of us current or former players would love to see this happen.

And tonight we did.

Kyle came home absolutely stoked over discovering airsoft and begged his dad to let him play. When the boys arrive to the airsoft field, they discover that they’re too small to play alone and must take a teenager. Like. To live with them.

And well, these guys are teenagers. They’re covered in zits, are always tired, curse at everybody, and for some reason, Cartman’s teenager is always in the bathroom with a bottle of lotion. Cartman is stumped over how soft those hands must be.

Anyways, its not long before the teenagers take over everyone’s respective lives. And then it’s not even about the airsoft, but taking care of these teenagers.

The solution presents itself when Kyle’s dad asks why they just don’t play with their dads. And before you know it, Randy and Kenny’s dad are there to save the day. We even get Uncle Jimbo stepping up and being Cartman’s partner.

There was no powerful hidden message tonight, which is refreshing from time to time. And very factual if you’re the parent of a teenager. This show hit home for a lot of parents out there. Really, most of South Park’s audience are probably parents by this time.

There was some Airsoft insight. The BBs are soft. The guns have a red tip. And you won’t get shot carrying one if “you’re white”. They also mentioned rules dealing with FPS, respawn, and other stuff.

Good show. See you next time!

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