July 23, 2024

Picard: President Seven and an Eradication Day heist

Episode 2 of season 2 of “Picard” hit streaming this morning, picking up where we left off last week with Q intervening in the borg invasion and the destruction of the Stargazer.

After a short exchange, Q snapped them into another reality. One where Picard is a bloodthirsty military leader, with a trophy room of the skulls of his enemies. And worst of all, he drinks Colombian coffee.

We would find out that it’s “Eradication Day” in this reality. And that the “Confederation” are a hate mongering civilization that wants to kill anything that’s not human.

Then we’d find Seven of Nine waking up without her Borg augments. She also remembered the events of the Stargazer.

Oh and she’s President. She tries to figure out exactly what’s going on and demands to speak to Cristobal. And he can’t remember what’s going on either. The problem is that he’s in the middle of a fleet battle.

And the rest of the team from the Stargazer slowly starts to reunite in this dystopia. Also, the guest of Eradication Day is the Borg Queen who is under duress with her hive destroyed.

We later discover from the Borg Queen that Q changed the timeline back in 2024 and the group must seek “The Watcher” from that time. But in order to travel back in time they have to take the Borg Queen with them.

This leads to a Borg heist during the on stage ceremony, where everything went to hell and the crew had to fight their way out before getting teleported away.

When we arrive to the ship Agnes connects the queen to the computer, but before they can warp back in time, the presidential entourage teleports on board and the show ends in a cliffhanger standoff.

This was a strong episode. What would have really been cool would have been actually meeting the evil versions of Seven and Picard. What are they like? Goodness.

Anwyays, I’ll see you guys next week!

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