The Dropout: “When people talk about glass ceilings”

This wild corporate ride, called The Dropout, continued this week with Elizabeth Holmes and that wild company Theranos, who told the world they could do the impossible and then could not do the impossible, but not before taking everyone’s money.

We got to see the employment world around Theranos this time, with the side story of a young chemist, Erika (played by Camryn Mi-young Kim) who went to work for the company when they were starting their valuable Walgreen’s account. And there was also the new team up between Phyllis and Richard, who both want nothing more than to take Elizabeth down, especially after Phyllis caught her talking smack while in the audience of her live audience.

Then in a wild twist Tyler (George’s grandson) went straight to Elizabeth with the whole lab scam, and because Elizabeth invented that scam, she blew it up. But she also managed to send Erika closer to the core of the corruption with another project, and demonstrated how bad it was in a pretty chilly sequence.

And this cat and mouse dynamic would continue

Finally, Tyler decided to go straight to George. But Elizabeth got to him first and fooled the old man.

But Richard was able to get one of the Theranos employees to flip and got the attention of the Wall Street Journal.

And then Tyler went to them too. The episode ended on a pretty exciting note.

It seems like every week, I’m coming on here and just heaving praise on Amanda Seyfried.

And that would be accurate. She was stellar again this week. The interview sequence this post was named after was a blast, and she actually managed to look menacing when confronting Tyler.

Another great show. See you next week!

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