July 15, 2024

Star Trek Picard: Plenty of questions and confusion

Star Trek: Picard was back this week, with the team trying to put the pieces of their reality back together in the year 2024. And Picard was able to revisit his chateau which was abandoned in this era.

The flashbacks featuring his mother began again and when we returned to the past, Picard determined that Jurnatti’s brain was highlighting the number “15”, extracted from the Borg Queen, which began a countdown of 3 days before the past would be changed irreparably.

We rejoined Jurnatti and the Borg Queen on the ship, with the latter trying to rattle the former, and with some success. Picard, who left that interesting duo aboard, ventured out and encountered a young Guinan. You read that right (played by Ito Aghayere). And he repeated what the old Guinan (?) told him. She was “the watcher”. Or at least we thought so.

Raffi and Seven had to find Rios, who in the last episode was taken into custody by immigration officers. And he was busy getting tased in the holding cell. Raffi was able to get his location and we got to watch Seven drive, who was just like most drivers in Los Angeles, I’ll let you imagine what that’s like.

Back on the ship, the queen continued working on Jurnatti, and in order to help her friends the Dr. agreed to get closer to her manipulator and trade “sad, sad, stories”. After they cut the deal, they teleported Raf and Seven to safety, while Picard finally told Guinan who he was.

Guinan then agreed to take Picard to another watcher. Yeah, apparently she wasn’t even the one.

You still with me? This is a confusing episode.

And that other watcher was.. Laris. Or at least her look-alike. The two then teleport away.

Meanwhile we catch up with Q who attempts to “snap” into effect a young women reading a novel but it doesn’t work. Why? I don’t know.

A lot of confusion. That’s what we got here. This Picard was definitely for the insider fans (or at least the final 15 minutes were). Not a lot of serious progression here.

My least favorite episode of the season. Maybe the series.

I’ll be here next week looking for answers. See you then.

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