Severance: We have to talk about that shocking ending

The wild, mind-bending spiral, that is Severance continued this week, and it wasted no time getting crazy with Mark following his new doctor acquaintance down their secret space. She reveals to him that she was the one that put the severance chip in his head, and questioned his thinking when he we reluctant to want to have it removed.

During their discussion, Graner, head scary security guy from work confronted them. So the doctor hit him over the head with a baseball bat and killed him. Cause what else are you going to do? They then moved his body, and the doctor told him to take Graner’s security guard card to work. Together, they would finish what Petey started.

Meanwhile Milchick was cleaning up all of the messes in the office, including briefing Dylan, on his outside activation. He basically threatened him and told him not to tell anyone else in the office. Dylan wanted to know his son’s name but he got nothing for his trouble.

When Mark arrived at work, he realized new protocol was in place that kept the group locked in their office. And Hellie got 75% refinement for a reward of a 5 minute music and dance party (with Milchick in a turtleneck). But the music and flashing lights made Dylan remember his son and he straight up snapped, and bit Milchick so hard he drew blood. And he spilled what he knew to his office mates anyways.

Cobel kept getting closer to Mark’s sister, who questioned if people would get severed for other reasons such as childbirth. Explaining her weird experience with the State Senator’s wife.

The team tried to infiltrate the office with Graner’s card but Irving had to go and check on Burt and left the group. When Mark and Hellie got into the office, they spotted the security handbook but Cobel was coming into the office, cutting they’re spy mission short. And she heard that Graner was killed. And the board wanted to know what the hell was going on.

Cobel said she had evidence of reintegration and the board agreed to talk about it at an upcoming retreat.

When Irving arrived in Burt’s section they were having a going away party for Burt. This upset Irving, who took it hard that he was losing someone he cared for.

“Let’s burn this place to the ground” he told the others upon returning to the office.

When Mike goes home. He gets drunk and tries to convince Alexa that he’s over his dead wife and rips up her photo. When Alexa leaves him anyways, he tapes the photo back together and his wife is…

Ms. Casey from work. He sees her everyday. She sees him everyday. She’s not really dead. Wow.

The ending to this week’s show was incredible. I can’t wait until next Friday. This was a solid installment from beginning to finish. Just awesome.

What did you think of this twist? What about that wild music-dance party? How do you want to see this wild trip end?

See you next week.

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