July 13, 2024

Severance: We’re set up for a heck of a wild finale

Severance has been the best surprise of 2022 so far as we move into April.

This nightmarish workplace drama/suspense/whatever else you want to throw in there, has just been incredible, and the penultimate episode which just dropped on Apple TV, set up a heck of a ride moving towards the end of this season.

With Dylan flipping the levers on the “outies” of Mark, Helly, and Irving, we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Mark is effing hugging Cobel. How is that supposed to work out? It wouldn’t surprise me if Cobel saw it in Mark’s eyes as soon as he snaps out of it. But now that she’s been fired, I’d have to ask if it even matters. They could end up being allies trying to take Lumon down. Or she could try to stab him right there. Who knows?

With Helly, we know her outie is a pain in the rear, and that typically comes from a framework. She’s at a dinner party of some people who we don’t even know. And she’s not as cool as Mark, she will probably sing as soon as she snaps out of it.

Then we have Irving, painting and listening to some “Ace of Spades”. He’s probably in the best situation to help but we’re not even sure where his head is at.

Finally, there is Dylan. Let’s be real. Milcheck might find him and kill him in the first two minutes of the finale.

And we still don’t even know what this board looks like. Or where is Ms. Casey in all of this. Just wow.

Cheers to Ben Stiller, Adam Scott and this entire cast. This has been an awesome treat.

I’ll see you guys next week!

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