July 24, 2024

Halo: It’s not really Halo if Master Chief isn’t wearing his helmet

And we’re back for the second week of Halo. And we got?

More of Master Chief without his helmet.

I’ve mentioned it before, Pablo Schreiber is a decent actor. But we’re not here to see some random dude running around trying to save the galaxy.

We’re here to see Master Chief and the Halo story. And we’re just getting a watered down version of that two weeks in.

The special effects continue to lag. The covenant warriors look terrible when they’re isolated in the shot. Is that supposed to be Arbiter? This show is getting a lot of the simple things wrongs.

Let me pause to bring up a positive. It was good to see screen veteran, Bokeem Woodbine, on the show this week.

But the story as a whole continues to lag. Virtually, no action this time out, as the show lumbers along with it’s plot. We’re slogging towards Cortana. Slogging towards another battle with The Covenant. And hopefully soon arriving at something that is going to keep this outing from becoming one big waste of time.

It’s the equity that the Halo story has for almost half of my lifetime that is keeping me around.

See you next week.

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