The Masked Singer: Ken actually guessed this legendary supermodel right

The Masked Singer: The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddily was back tonight with a whole new bracket of competitors.

First up was Ms. Teddy singing “Tell it to my heart” by Taylor Dayne. Jenny thought it could be Jill Scott. Robin thought it could be CC Peniston. Nicole guessed Loretta Devine and had a strong “vibe” about it.

Next up would be the impressive Hydra costume. And the evil figure would do a terrible job at singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. Jenny thought it was John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, and Steve Buscemi from The Big Lebowski. Ken Jeung thought it was the Three Amigos (Short, Martin, Chase).

Third would be the Ringmaster, who would belt out “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. And she absolutely rocked it. Just impressive. She looked at Nicole and said “It was good to see you again”. And Scherzinger guessed it was Olivia Rodrigo. Robin thought it could be Kacey Musgraves. Jeung was crazy and said Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson currently has America’s Song Contest on a rival network.

We would see the Lemur up next who performed “I feel the earth move” by Carole King. And she did an okay job. Jeung said it was Jennifer Aniston which drew a “No Ken!” chant. Nicole thought it could be Goldie Hawn. Robin picked Molly Shannon.

Finally, we had The Armadillo from Team Good performing “Secret Agent Man”. He did not do well. But it is what it is. This dude Ken said Chuck Norris. Nicole said Eric Estrada from CHIPS. Jenny said Vin Diesel. Nick joked how wide open those guesses were.

It was then time for an elimination and the voters ousted.. The Lemur.

And when unmasked The Lemur was revealed to be.. Christie Brinkley.

Ken threw up a late hail mary and actually got it right. Wow.

Anyways. After some lesser know celebs this week, it was good to get an actual famous person again.

See you next week!

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