The Masked Singer: These comedians dialed up a 90s classic and then got sent home

The Masked Singer was back this week continuing it’s “The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddily” campaign. And we had a guest detective this time out in Nicole Byer.

We began with the Ringmaster, who has been the best singer of the competition so far, performing “Super Bass” by Nikki Minaj and did a terrific job. The guesses were terrible with Ken mentioning Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. Nicole did a little better with Zara Larrson as her guess.

Next up was the Armadillo, who sang “I fought the law”. It wasn’t very good. And he fell down, which he said was planned during the Q/A afterwards. His super clue was revealed to be a motorcycle. Scherzinger said it could be Gary Busey. Byer said it was Jay Leno. Jenny said it was William H. Macy, which was actually a pretty good guess.

It was the Hydra who was up next singing “Sharp dressed man” by ZZ Top. And he too did a lousy job. Jenny thought it could be Burt and Ernie. Robin thought it could be Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park.

Finally, we had Miss Teddy and she crushed her song. She did an incredible job. The clue revealed she was a Grammy winner. Jenny said it was Gloria Gaynor. Byer said Jennifer Hudson. Scherzinger said CeCe Winans.

We then arrived at the duel, where it was rightfully Armadillo and Hydra. Armadillo sang “Walkin’ the dog” and just like before was terrible. Hydra performed “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors, which was a throwback I hadn’t heard in quite some time. Very 90s.

Then we finally arrived at the unmasking and it was the…… The Hydra who was sent home and it was revealed to be..Penn and Teller. Which was Nicole Byer’s final guess.

Not a bad episode. We had two really good singers. And two dogs. This field should be pretty fun to watch but I got a feeling the Armadillo is going home next week.

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