July 24, 2024

Severance: Those last eight minutes is some of the best TV we’ll watch all year

Wow. So often with television, movies, and video games, we’re left disappointed with what ultimately becomes our experience. That was not the case with Severance, which is easily the best show on Apple TV, which doesn’t involve an American football coach teaching life lessons through soccer.

Severance delivered on it’s season finale, with an hour sprint of exciting and suspenseful television that will leave us rattled until the beginning of season two. Thank goodness, that renewal was announced on Apple TV yesterday.

But we got to see the “innies” on the outside. Mark was at his sister’s and immediately had to deal with Cobel, who almost instantly figured him out. Irving chased his heart and went to see Burt. And Helly aka Helena Egan, tried to blow up the entire thing with her speech before the VIPs, but we’re not even sure if she got enough of it out.

Those last 8 minutes were a marvel of editing and story telling. Severance skillfully jumped between three locations and had us hooked every second of the way. We were positive Cobel took the baby for leverage, but we were wrong (thank goodness).

Millcheck eventually got to Dylan (I was curious to see what Paintball would look like), and the episode ended with all three innies preparing to make these big moves, but we cut to credits before discovering what the results were.

Just incredible stuff. I’ll be recommending Severance to my readers and friends all the way until it eventually returns. But we haven’t had this kind of a wait for an anticipated cliffhanger on a TV show in quite some time.

What a fun episode of television.

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