The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: Show did some good, but it will likely be forgotten quickly

Did you watch The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey? The mini series that’s ran on Apple TV for the last few weeks?

I ask, because I just watched the finale, and for the entirety of it’s run, the show barely made a whisper, despite being another terrific performance in the legendary career of Samuel L. Jackson, and a career building turn for Dominique Fishback.

But it came and went. And now it will likely be forgotten.

The show ended on quite a pretty dramatic note.

Reggie’s killer was brought to justice. Robyn got Ptolemy Grey’s money and was designated as the trustee over his family of parasites. And Ptolemy did not die. Instead, we last saw him on a bed in a facility with Robyn apparently preparing to go home for his last days.

The show was enjoyable. It lasted as long as it had to. But I’m a little disappointed that more eyes didn’t get set on it.

While it’s tempting to blame Apple TV, this wouldn’t be accurate at the moment. Ted Lasso can’t stop winning awards, and the excellent Severance was just trending this morning just hours after it’s own finale.

Maybe it just wasn’t loud enough. That’s an option. Right?

In the end we still got what we came for. A great Samuel L. performance and something that was a little different than the dozen other shows trying to push the envelope in as many different genres all at once.

If you haven’t watched The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey and are a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, then give it a shot.

The program will be forgotten in a month, but I’ll remember the good work that was done here.

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