Star Trek Picard: We get to party with the Borg Queen

Star Trek: Picard has been propelled this season by the Borg Queen, who was taken back by the team to 2024 where she’s bonded, and kinda assimilated Dr. Jurati. It was this dynamic between Allison Pill and Annie Wersching that stole the show during a pivotal part of the entertaining story this week.

We last left the team at this gala where they had to protect Picard’s ancestor, Renee, on her path affecting our history. Dr. Soong, who’s already been compromised by Q, was also there and decided to hit Picard with his car as the show ended, leaving us with yet another cliff hanger as the team prepares to enter his unconscious mind to bring him back.

And speaking of entering minds, it was Jurati who stole the show at this gala while mostly under the influence of the Borg queen. There was the hacking security to let the others in. Kissing Rios. And that song she performed as a distraction.

Was that really Allison Pill singing? Wow.

But soon this sci-fi version of “Sex and The City” had to come to an end, and the Borg Queen took over completely as a lot of us predicted it would. And the episode ended with a gorgeous shot of Borg Jurati walking off into the nighttime cityscape.

After a slow couple of weeks, the show has got me invested again. This group really does have the potential to do some great TV if given the right material. Hopefully this sprint continues all the way to the end of the season.

And before I leave you this week, congratulations to Star Trek Picard for their season 3 renewal!

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