June 23, 2024

The Dropout: Series ends with a scream that won’t easily be forgotten

The Dropout is in the books. And it was an excellent mini series. A dramatic, and at times, comedic success, that went wire to wire with sharp storytelling into the world of Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes.

We finally got the collapse of Theranos in this episode, and the consequent fall of Elizabeth’s empire that was built on big dreams and even bigger lies. She sold out Sunny. Got a new boyfriend. And continued lying to herself and staying strong the entire way.

All the way until the last 45 seconds of the show, where she screams on a curb over what she’s lost. It was the complete meltdown of this tragic character we’ve gotten to know over the past few weeks. It’s just a TV show, but we’ll never see the real Elizabeth Holmes the same way again.

One important point. The show never lionized Holmes. She was strong during her rise. But the character flaws were always there.

And yes, Amanda Seyfried has managed to perform the rare feat of upstaging the person she’s supposed to be pretending to be. Any nominees or accolades from this performance are very much warranted.

We also have to talk about the rest of the cast. A cast with no real weak links.

Michaela Watkins. Who I maintain is one of the most underappreciated actors in the industry.

Naveen Andrews. William H. “freaking’ Macy, Stephen Fry, and Sam Waterston. All were just excellent.

I’ll completely recommend The Dropout. There are a lot of shows in my rotation that I’m not enjoying right now. I saved this one each week knowing it would deliver.

And it did every step of the way.

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