Netflix is slumping because of price hikes and bad content, very little else

So, Netflix is in a slump. And they’re losing subscribers.

Well, we’ve been talking about Netflix for sometime and you could even say we’ve seen this coming (story HERE).

The reason Netflix is losing subscribers is because of they are too expensive and offer too little. That’s the truth.

Viewers are just getting stuck with too much bad TV. And they don’t want to pay more for that bad content.

You want to hear the projects I”m looking forward to from Netflix this year? It won’t take long.

Knives Out 2.

That’s it.

If you want to be the most expensive streamer in the game, you’ve got to do better.

The Disney Triple Bundle is less expensive than Netflix at this point. We’re talking about Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. You could argue that Disney and Hulu have given us more to watch this year.

Heck, even lower tier guys like Peacock and Apple TV have done better at times.

And you could have both of those services for less than the price of one Netflix subscription.

How does Netflix fix this? Well, they’re not going to drop prices. Even though they’re not meeting the value for the money they’re asking for.

They could try to provide better content but they don’t have the pulse of their viewers right now.

Perhaps a combination of the two. A break for new subscribers. And being more careful with the curation of their material. They put out a lot of junk on Netflix.

But until they wake up, we’re going to see this downward slope continue.

They better tell the second season of Squid Game to hurry up.

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