FOX: “Welcome to Flatch” was just renewed and it’s the worst show on TV

Listen, “Welcome To Flatch” was my worst reviewed scripted show on network TV this year. I previewed the entire six episode allotment, trying to find a reason to root for this “Parks and Recreation” rip off, and I found none.

But FOX just renewed it. And I can’t say why.

You see, it’s not like Flatch was killing it in the ratings. This show frequently clocked a sub .20 in the demo and it’s last episode was a .13 which is just awful (source HERE).

Still, we’re getting another season of it.

It’s also creatively bad. It’s not funny. Anytime I worked up so much as a smirk when it came to Flatch was because it was so ridiculous. I was honestly admiring the boldness of airing this kind of nonsense (that hip hop class comes to mind).

But it lives to die another day. And unless there is some creative rebirth with Flatch then I don’t know what they’re going to do.

FOX also renewed “Call Me Kat” today as well, which is also not a very good show but the appeal is there with the audience and I can understand why. It also did fairly poor numbers considering the competition on at Thursdays at 9pm.

Me? I’ve been watching Mayim Bialik since “Molloy” back in 90′. I won’t be mad that she continues to have success here along with her duties on Jeopardy. I can live with it.

It also makes me wonder why FOX didn’t keep “Pivoting” which was the best show of the three (story HERE).

But that’s the way things go. Until next time.

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