The Flight Attendant: Season 2 finale delivers in some unique ways

Warning: Spoilers

The season two finale of The Flight Attendant is now streaming on HBO Max, and happily it manages to be a good time and a nice wrap-up to the sophomore effort.

Let’s not waste anytime. I knew about Cheryl Hines from the jump (link HERE). But the UCF grad managed to go to some places that we haven’t really seen her go to before. Dot was a scary traitor and that Grace misdirect was sharp. I got to tell you, I was concerned that things were wrapping up too quickly when she got caught so soon.

But goodness, then we got Jenny. Brainwashed by Feliks. That did blindside me. Show runners played that to the chest really well, and the final action sequence played more like a home invasion horror and it all worked because it was different.

The other angles with the characters were tied off with a bow. We got a marriage. An FBI save. And that phone call between Cassie and her mom (Sharon Stone) once again hit just the right pitch.

Was it better than the first season? No. But that’s because the travel angles and inside conversations were brand new last year. This is still a pretty good television show.

I happily recommend the Flight Attendant. Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden is still one of the most interesting and actually important characters out there. Flawed characters are normal these days but most will never go as hard as the Flight Attendant does and finding peace with yourself will never not be important.

Let’s do this again next season!

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