The Flight Attendant: No reason to force a third season of stellar show

Flight Attendant star, Kaley Cuoco has said there will likely not be a third season of the globe trotting spy/suspense dramedy (story HERE).

That’s the right call. Especially, if she thinks so.

Its probably the right call creatively. The show tied everything off with a bow in the season 2 finale. Cassie came to terms with her alcoholism, while fixing the troubled relationships in her life. The mind palace was wrapped up well with Cassie’s own personalities all battling each other in the end before also finding some peace. The only loose end is the Feliks and Jenny spin which came up in the last 15 minutes of the show but it still served its purpose.

Also, the tone of Cuoco in the article sounds like she’s ready to move on. And if that’s the case then we should definitely be open to what’s next. You can tell when a star doesn’t want to be on a set. It’s best to let it go. She’s such a good actress, I’m sure she’ll jump onto something just as good with her next gig.

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