Barry: Most fans support Gene’s actions

The season 3 finale of Barry aired last night. And… Wow.

It was the cap on a superb season of brilliant and innovative television, that was unpredictable down to the last moments.

And during those last moments (spoiler incoming)….Barry seemingly got arrested.

Mr. Gene Cousineau sold him out as Barry made his way inside of Janice’s dad’s house to try to off him. With in seconds of pulling the trigger, a swat team of no less than about 8 guys had the sights of their rifles trained on him.

Then there was shot everyone is raving about, the appearance of Gene behind the SWAT team signaling that he played Barry outside of that house just moments earlier.

A small sample Twitter poll demonstrates that the fans support Gene’s actions to turn in Barry.

It’s not entirely difficult to see why.

Barry has made Gene’s life very difficult. There was Janice. There was the threatening of his family ending the second episode of the season. It’s not impossible to see why people support Gene.

But it also illustrates a complicated road Bill Hader and company will have to negotiate in season 4. Who is the hero of this show? People still like Barry, but it’s always been evident that he’s been a troubled guy.

Maybe that is the point.

It’s always important to say. These are not complaints. This was creatively the best season of the show.

Bill Hader needs a well funded film to fully demonstrate his directing brilliance.

And Sarah Goldberg needs Emmy consideration for her best season of the series. She is just epic.

What did you think of the Barry finale? Let me know in the comments below.

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