MCU: Some fans believe the world still isn’t ready to accept Anthony Mackie as Captain America

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Anthony Mackie is Sam Wilson.

Sam Wilson is Captain America.

If you watched Avengers: Endgame and saw Steve Rogers hand him the shield, or if you checked out The Falcon and The Winter Soldier last year and saw him officially take on the name, then you know that is not only a casting reality but also story canon.

But many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t believe the world will accept Sam Wilson as Captain America.

The concerns appeared online yesterday when it was announced that Julius Onah would be directing Captain America 4.

Fans had a lot to say about the writing and how it seemed to nibble around the edges of a possible Chris Evans, return or that it seemed to be reluctant in calling Sam Wilson by the patriotic superhero’s name.

The transition from Chris Evans to Anthony Mackie as Captain America could not have been done better. We had years of character building within the MCU to prepare for the longevity of one of Marvel’s most beloved super heroes

But we know that Marvel, and even Disney, isn’t immune from character continuity controversies. Some fans were mad that Tim Allen wasn’t given voice over duties for “Lightyear” which under performed at the box office.

His replacement? Chris Evans. It is important to mention that Allen was playing the toy. Evans was playing the man.

What do you think? Is the world ready for Anthony Mackie in Captain America 4?

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