July 24, 2024

Emmys 2022: Let’s all just calm down about “This is Us”

The nominations for the 2022 Emmy Awards have been announced (you can read them HERE) and goodness some people have lost their minds.

This Is Us was snubbed. If you want to call it a snub.

Your best drama nominees are..
Better Call Saul
Squid Game
Stranger Things

So, no, no This is Us.

And do you want to know why?

Really, its not better than any of the shows in this field. Even “Stranger Things” which is a phenomenon that has totally gone over my head, still had a better season than the This is Us.

Succession, Squid Game, Severance, and Euphoria, are all on a completely different level right now. I wouldn’t dare pull any of those.

Better Call Saul and Ozark, both at the end of their respective rounds are still better, even though I don’t believe in sentimental nominations, which is what the This is Us crowd is asking for.

That leaves Yellowjackets. Eh..maybe?

But we’re ignoring the second point.

This is Us has already garnered plenty of accolades. It’s gotten its flowers several times over and I don’t think it’s final bow was really all that great. I’ll disclose that I’ve never been “over the moon” on the show but the acting has always been some of the best you’ll see on TV.

Just not better than this field. Sorry.

But you guys had an awesome run. Take what you’ve already got and just enjoy it.

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