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DWTS: Alfonso Ribeiro is cool, but fans want less host chatter not more of it

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This morning, Dancing With The Stars announced that TV veteran and host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Alfonso Ribeiro, would be joining Tyra Banks on the show as co-host.

That’s fine but I think, producers (which includes Tyra) are missing the entire point.

We want less interruptions by the hosts and more dancing.

Now it looks like we’re going to get more of that QA which at this point only seems to be serving whoever is holding the microphone. The chatter has also constricted the broadcast into a rushed elimination at the end of the show, which ruins the entire thing.

Its possible that DWTS and ABC is hoping that the well like Ribeiro will push former long time hosts, Tom Bergeron, even deeper into the backs of our memories. Fans still praise Bergeron whenever Tyra goes too long, or makes it too much about herself rather than the dancers.

All of this might be moot anyways.

Dancing With The Stars is heading towards Disney Plus, which means that we might have the opportunity to fast forward past this commentary whenever we want.

We’ll get the streamlined broadcast that we’ve always wanted. The walkouts, the packages, the dance, and on to the next couple. You’d better believe we’ll be fast forwarding past the QA.

Heck, we’re paying for Disney Plus, they should have a dances and elimination broadcast only.

Still, let’s see what they do here. The show is still a smash and shows no signs of slowing down. .

Can’t wait till the season starts!

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