July 24, 2024

Trending: Social media makes fun of the pollution caused by Taylor Swift’s jet

Taylor Swift isn’t perfect. Who knew?

On Saturday afternoon, Swift, who is arguably one of the most powerful people in the world in the social media realm, was catching some very rare static from her fans.

This is because of a study published which demonstrated that Swift’s private jet, used on 170 times occasions over the measured period of time of the experiment, led the way in pollution among celebrities.

Swift’s team mentioned that she loans out her jet all of the time but it didn’t stop the jokes from coming in on social media.

Taylor swift going to the corner store for hot Cheetos and Arizona tea pic.twitter.com/AoNTLOgrGW

— Fruit Fan (@ImgivingupMama) July 30, 2022

taylor swift going to her living room from her bedroom pic.twitter.com/er2llGRj8n

— Serg (@chromaticrawler) July 30, 2022

taylor swift saying she wants to run away to the lakes and live out the rest of her life surrounded by nature and then being responsible for 8923 tonnes of carbon emissions is sooo unserious

— josh (@joshieonfilm) July 29, 2022

Taylor Swift lookin for her scarf at her ex’s sister house:

— Oliver 🧣 (@MissingLuci) July 30, 2022

going to grab a coffee with my friend taylor swift pic.twitter.com/8Mr1CbdlW2

— cam (@smackcam13) July 30, 2022

taylor swift going to her kitchen according to that unverified article: pic.twitter.com/p9K2uTElw0

— Dr. Tushar🧣 (@reputushion) July 30, 2022

taylor swift’s cameo in lady gaga’s hold my hand music video pic.twitter.com/d8H2PSwAiQ

— lem (@ratikyle) July 30, 2022

taylor swift after someone confiscated her private jet: pic.twitter.com/LoPhjtMOIU

— ces🌙 (@swifolkfolk) July 30, 2022

taylor swift coming back to her room after taking a soda from the fridge: pic.twitter.com/ABcGWjZhIB

— Dr. Tushar🧣 (@reputushion) July 30, 2022

taylor swift after being forced to travel in a car instead of her private jet : pic.twitter.com/fgSEtbNb9T

— Ron🧩 (@evermoretrack2) July 30, 2022

taylor swift watching the deepwater horizon oil spill pic.twitter.com/fCe8Z4oRNT

— Serg (@chromaticrawler) July 30, 2022

taylor swift drying her hair because her hair dryer brokepic.twitter.com/vRWvPm3mqo

— benjamin ᱬ (@mylifelessframe) July 30, 2022

video of taylor swift going to get a glass of water pic.twitter.com/YctZlW1IlQ

— jack || ifb (@state_of_slay_) July 30, 2022

taylor swift “walking” the cornelia street pic.twitter.com/wFhTpHrUce

— Notion Swift (@Tiktokonclock1) July 30, 2022

can yall stop lying, everyone knows taylor swift destroyed her jet with a chainsaw🙄 pic.twitter.com/QySK1om88a

— Dr. Tushar🧣 (@reputushion) July 29, 2022

taylor swift crossing the street pic.twitter.com/TgQzAFw7uY

— kev (@quaketh) July 30, 2022

Um who even started the rumour that Taylor Swift has a private jet when clearly this is how she gets around ? pic.twitter.com/kpvVhfodnr

— anu (@redligion) July 29, 2022

taylor swift skydiving from her private jet after destroying the planet pic.twitter.com/AKkR4cmto0

— Gageykinz (@GageAgenda) July 30, 2022

Taylor Swift on her way to the fridge for a midnight snack pic.twitter.com/KeqT7rqxl2

— Tyler 🌮 (@tytacobell) July 30, 2022

taylor swift on her way to the grocery store pic.twitter.com/iuK9OO6WLG

— 🐺 (@oliviatheehye) July 30, 2022

taylor swift going to the supermarket pic.twitter.com/OAlm8luDe0

— dan morrison (@dantommorrison) July 30, 2022

me showing up to taylor swift’s private jet after leaking her flight log to TMZ pic.twitter.com/Xbs4gX4PUm

— Yolanda Fister Tweeting Omnimedia (@yolandafister) July 30, 2022

What do you think? Does Taylor need to cut down on the jet flying? Or is this another occasion of the tabloids picking on celebrities? Let me know in the comments below.

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