AEW: That Anna Jay heel turn needs a little fine tuning

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Anna Jay might be my favorite AEW women’s wrestler who isn’t a dentist. She’s got all of the tools, and gets better in the ring every time she steps in it. She’s got great energy. The fans like her. She has this babyface vibe that is almost John Cena like.

Which is why I was confused when AEW turned her heel.

This isn’t new territory. You’ll recall that Anna Jay joining The Dark Order was technically a heel turn. The late great Brodie Lee brought her center stage and it clicked immediately.

But now that she’s part of the Jericho Appreciation Society, something seems a little off. Her promo on Wednesday night Dynamite was entertaining but I’m can’t nail down the tone we’re supposed to hit.

Is she comic relief for Chris Jericho’s wizard?
Is she going to chase a title?
Is she teaming with Tay Conti again?

And really, you could say the same for Tay Conti. The Jericho Appreciation Society almost seems like a step back for both of them, who were putting on top flight matches against The Bunny and Penelope Ford before this all started.

I’m not worried though. You shouldn’t be either.

Anna Jay has that star energy. She’s going to be successful. There are wrestlers that are fortunate enough to have “it”. And she does. She’s only 24 years old. There isn’t a ceiling right now.

But I would like to see her role defined a little better, otherwise she’s going to go to waste.

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