AEW: Sharp booking makes winners out of Hook, Will Hobbs, and Ricky Starks

Many people believe that the AEW roster is getting too big, and that there are too many titles. I’m one of them.

But sharp booking like we saw tonight will ensure the product remains first class. And that everyone has a chance to shine.

AEW took the FTW title, an afterthought, and made it the centerpiece of an angle highlighting four of its rising stars.

First we had Ricky Starks squash Danhausen. And you probably know that Danhausen doesn’t really need wins or losses. He just needs a couple of minutes to do his thing on TV.

Then we had Hook come out and beat Ricky Starks. A twist none of us saw coming, but a move that nonetheless cements Hook’s rise towards stardom. He’s the new FTW champion, just like his old man, Tazz.

Next, we had Ricky Starks cut a beautiful babyface promo. His next run is already set up, and it’s going to take him far. Maybe to the top.

And after all of that, we had Will Hobbs turn on his longtime partner. You’ll recall, he also had a heel turn that landed him on Team Tazz to begin with.

All of this was beautiful. This is why we watch AEW.

Now we have so many routes we can take.

Starks vs. Hobbs.

Starks vs. Hook again.

Maybe we break up Hookhausen.

And where does Tazz fit into all of this?

I’m impressed at how all of this worked out. We’ve got four stars who entered the night strong and will leave it even stronger.

This is how you book professional wrestling.

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