Triple H returning to creative means we have to reset the AEW vs WWE War

The Game is back on top. WWE announced that Triple HHH will be in charge of creative decisions regarding the on air product, in a decision that will reshape the way we all watch wrestling on television.

So much so that we might have to reassess where the strength of television wrestling lies.

That means we’ll have to restart the WWE vs. AEW war.

The truth is that AEW has had far and away the best product on television for the past two years. It hasn’t even been close.

WWE has been giving us reruns for the majority of 2022. Different variations of boring matches. They’ve ran out copy and past pay per views and expected fans to be fine with it. They’ve allowed unpopular characters to take up hours of our time.

And worst of all, they’ve capitalized off of social media metrics when firing wrestlers to make themselves look good.

But Triple H is here. Goodness, there is a lot to be excited about.

One of the best to ever do it inside of the ring himself, Triple H also gave us an NXT product that served as a farm system for the best wrestlers in the world today. And calling it a farm system might be a little bit disrespectful.

Because it was the best brand WWE had during the Triple H era.

Let’s wait and see. AEW has a lot of the momentum.

But we’ve got to reset the war. It’s a new day (yes, it is).

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