July 25, 2024

AEW: It might be time to give Jamie Hayter the “Wardlow Push”

If you were watching AEW Dynamite tonight on TBS, you probably saw that ace tag match featuring Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. It was a good one.

And after the match, it was Hayter trending on social media.

It’s very easy to put Jamie Hayter on the same plane as another AEW star, the current TNT Champion, Wardlow.

Both of them are built for wrestling stardom.

Both of them have done time behind promo geniuses like MJF and the DMD.

Both of them have this energy that the fans can latch on to. Some wrestlers have a vibe that fans want to enjoy. Wardlow has that.

And Jamie Hayter has that too.

It might be time to give Jamie the same kind of push we gave Wardlow. It could be a lot of fun.

Maybe we have her break away from the DMD, who has the equity to do whatever she wants (just like MJF).

Then whether she goes after Thunder Rosa or Jade Cargill, that feud is going to be terrific. Stack the deck against her and lets watch her run the gauntlet.

The only challenge here is that the division is stacked. There is a lot of talent there. You’ve got to keep all of those stars happy.

But the fans appear to want to see Jamie more.

This of course is a good problem. I don’t see Jamie Hayter fading easily. She’s got the talent to be successful for a long time.

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