NBA: Honestly, the Brooklyn Nets should trade Kevin Durant and anybody else that doesn’t want to be there

Guess what? Kevin Durant told the Brooklyn Nets he still wants to be traded.

Oh, but he’ll stay if the team fires coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks.

But get this, I don’t think Kevin Durant would be happy even if the Nets made that happen. I think he’s bluffing.

Really, it doesn’t matter if he’s bluffing. If he doesn’t want to be there, he doesn’t want to be there.

End of story.

Which is why the Brooklyn Nets need to trade Kevin Durant. And Kyrie Irving, and anybody else that doesn’t want to be on that team.

And I get it. Durant is one of the best players of this generation. But he’s convinced himself that he’s bigger than the team, and the Nets can’t allow that to fly.

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t blameless here. They should have done a better job evaluating the personalities like Durant, Irving, and James Harden. They should have known these guys would turn on them from the jump.

But they didn’t. And at this point, this is a salvage mission.

And should the Nets actually fire Nash and Marks, then Kevin Durant will just find another excuse to get out of there anyways by the trade deadline.

The real victims here are the Brooklyn fans if we’re being honest. They were supposed to be champions. Now one of their stars are holding their team hostage, while the other burns sage, and the third hasn’t seen serious action in forever.

Just a bad draw for Brooklyn all around. Trade everybody and start over.

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